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Fair and Efficient Divorce Settlements

Cantor & Meyer, P.C., is committed to minimizing the financial and emotional impact of divorce, and when possible, resolving divorces out of court. Attorney Donna M. Cantor will work to guide you to a fair agreement that protects your interests.

Donna Cantor has practiced law for more than 30 years, having focused exclusively on family law since 2001. Located in Media, Pennsylvania, she represents men and women of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. Call 610-566-6164 for a phone consultation with a Delaware County divorce attorney.

Striving for Out-of-Court Solutions

Parties are normally more satisfied and far more likely to abide by their own agreements than orders imposed by the court. Litigation is expensive, time consuming, and often increases the level of anger and resentment on both sides. A settlement is quicker, less costly, and less likely to lead to conflicts that land parents back in court. Ms. Cantor explores all options to resolve child custody, property division, and alimony with her clients:

  • Mediation — Preparing clients to work out an agreement with one neutral party
  • Traditional negotiation — Focusing on common ground and what is most important to each party
  • Collaborative divorce — Meeting together in a mediation-like system where the parties and their counsel work through all their contested issues via a series of meetings and full disclosure
  • Litigation — Fiercely representing your interests if the courtroom cannot be avoided

Division of Property

Donna Cantor’s background enables her to work with parties of any income level, including professionals, executives, and business owners with significant assets and complex issues of marital property. She is knowledgeable and creative in valuing and working out an equitable division of:

  • The marital home
  • Other real estate
  • Retirement assets and investments
  • Closely held businesses or professional practices
  • Cars, boats, and valuables
  • Credit card balances and other joint debt

Will Alimony Be Awarded?

Alimony depends on several factors including:

  • Earning capacity and earning potential of each spouse
  • Income disparity between parties
  • Age and health of each party
  • Education and employment prospects of each spouse
  • Length of the marriage

There is no statute mandating the amount of alimony a spouse will receive under the current Pennsylvania law. Each case is sensitive to the facts and the local practices. As such, it is important to have an attorney familiar with the local practices where your case is located. Ms. Cantor will be able to give a fair idea of whether alimony will be granted after examining the facts of your case.

Fault and No-Fault Divorce

Under Pennsylvania’s no-fault divorce law, your divorce can be finalized 90 days after the complaint has been served, if the other party consents, or once you have been separated for one year. If your spouse won’t agree to a divorce, you must do one of the following before the court will resolve the divorce and ancillary issues:

  • Be separated for one year, or
  • File on the basis of fault which allows you to divorce without first meeting the one-year separation required under the law

Fault divorce is normally more costly and more adversarial. There are six grounds for granting a divorce on the basis of fault in Pennsylvania. They are adultery, desertion, physical abuse, bigamy, criminal activity, or indignities (utter neglect or poor treatment). Hearings are required to prove fault.

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