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Pennsylvania Will Contest Lawyer

Cantor & Meyer, P.C. represents any party in litigation involving a contested will or a fiduciary’s handling of an estate or trust. Based in Media, Pennsylvania, experienced litigator Neil H. Meyer practices in Orphans’ Courts (probate courts) of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

Neil H. Meyer has practiced law for over 30 years, with extensive work in estate litigation and probate laws. If you are concerned that an injustice has occurred in settling an estate, or in managing a trust, or if you are accused of wrongdoing, contact Cantor & Meyer, P.C. today at 610-566-6164.

Will Contests

Cantor & Meyer, P.C. is able to represent all sides in contested will proceedings: excluded or disappointed beneficiaries, family members fighting claims by siblings or disputed heirs, or representing the estate itself (on behalf of the personal representative) against outside claims. Litigation can be intense and bitter, and Mr. Meyer is sensitive to family dynamics and makes every effort to resolve efficiently the matter in his client’s best interests.

Testators can leave their estate to whomever they wish, as long as they are of “sound mind” and not coerced. Mr. Meyer can capably respond to claims that a will is invalid on the grounds of:

  • Undue influence or duress
  • Testamentary capacity (mental competence)
  • Fraud or forgery
  • Improper signatures or witnesses

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

The personal representative of an estate or the trustee chosen to manage trust assets has specific obligations, including satisfying creditors, distributing assets, and managing assets. Cantor & Meyer, P.C., represents:

  • Heirs and beneficiaries who assert that the personal representative is incompetent, stealing assets, or taking improper compensation
  • An executor/administrator of an estate accused of fraud, theft, or mismanagement

Our estate litigation attorney can intervene to “light a fire” under a personal representative who is lax or unresponsive in settling the estate, and likewise respond to a beneficiary who is harassing or illegally interfering with an executor or trustee.

Mr. Meyer can represent your interests in negotiations, hearings, or full-fledged estate litigation, including appeals to Superior Court or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Call our Media office at 610-566-6164 for a phone consultation to determine your rights and legal options, or contact us online. We return calls promptly, and can arrange evening or weekend appointments.

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