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Estate Administration • Trust Administration • Guardianship

If you are named as the executor, administrator, or trustee for the estate of a family member or friend, estate administration attorney Neil H. Meyer can guide you through the timely completion of your duties. He also provides knowledgeable, sensitive handling of guardianship issues on behalf of family members.

Based in Media, Pennsylvania, Cantor & Meyer, P.C. assists in the settling of estates in Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County. Contact Mr. Meyer at 610-566-6164 to discuss estate administration, guardianship, or estate planning to avoid probate troubles.

Estate Administration

We represent the personal representative (executor of a will, or administrator appointed in the absence of a will). It is not a complicated process, but it can be time-consuming. A lawyer can help protect the fiduciary from claims of impropriety and speed up the probate process:

  • Filing the paperwork to open the estate
  • Probating a will through the Register of Wills
  • Marshaling and managing assets
  • Paying debts to creditors
  • Liquidating or re-titling assets
  • Distributing proceeds to beneficiaries of a will or trust
  • Filing Pennsylvania inheritance tax and federal income tax returns

Mr. Meyer also represents personal representatives in estate litigation against allegations of incompetence, fraud, or theft.


Cantor & Meyer, P.C. represents concerned family members in petitioning the Orphans’ Court (probate court) for appointment of a guardian to make medical and financial decisions for an incapacitated parent. Mr. Meyer can help arrange psychiatric exams to substantiate whether someone is competent. He also can serve as co-guardian if there are no local relatives able to serve, and advise the family on developments.

Contact an experienced and helpful estate administration lawyer who can help with the efficient settling of your loved one’s affairs. We offer a phone consultation at 610-566-6164(evening and weekend appointments available), or contact us online.

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