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What to Do if a Loved One Has Been Arrested

Imagine this scenario: Your loved one is in trouble and has been arrested. He’s at the county prison and the bail is high. You want him out of jail as much as he wants to get out. The police say he’s done something and he says they’re not listening to his side of the story. With each passing day, witnesses’ memories become less certain and crime scene evidence needs to be collected or inspected, or you risk it disappearing or changing. The police don’t have time for you and are busy investigating other cases. Your loved one knows his case and wants to get out so that he can fight it from the streets and try to get the evidence he needs. The sooner you act to find a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney to help your loved one, the better result you may be able to get.

Get help now. You need to act quickly and decide whether you and your loved one will fight the charges. A “wait and see” attitude creates uncertainty for you and your loved one and usually does not help your loved one as much as getting a lawyer involved early on. Also, going with a lawyer you did not choose may not be what you and your loved one need right now.

Choose the right lawyer. When you and your loved one decide to hire a private lawyer, you need to shop around. You need to find a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney whose experience and way of handling a case meet you and your loved one’s needs and your loved one’s case. Sometimes a case needs a heavy hand and a lawyer who attacks and holds on like a pit bull; sometimes a case needs a much lighter touch and a lawyer who can nudge and push the case in your loved one’s direction. If your loved one’s lawyer likes to hear him or herself talk and uses questionable arguments, then a judge or the district attorney may just stop listening to the lawyer. If your loved one’s lawyer argues too little or is unprepared, then the judge or the district attorney may decide that you and your loved one agree with whatever happens to your loved one.

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney Neil Meyer

Attorney Neil Meyer of Cantor & Meyer, P.C., handles a wide range of criminal defense cases including:

  • DUI/drunk driving
  • Drug charges
  • Theft, burglary, robbery
  • Assault, resisting arrest, and other violent crimes
  • Criminal mischief
  • False identification
  • Driving on a suspended license

He’s familiar with the law and with the rules of criminal procedure to protect your loved one every step of the way. He knows what style is suitable for defending a case. He will investigate or hire appropriate professionals to get the evidence to help the case. If the DA’s proposed deal is unacceptable, then he’ll try the case. All the while he’ll be keeping you and your loved one informed about what’s going on with the case and what to expect.

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