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Ensuring Full and Fair Child Support

The amount of child support is determined by state guidelines, so court-imposed obligations to provide for children are only as good as the financial data the court possesses. Cantor & Meyer, P.C. uses many strategies to ensure that parents with primary custody receive the full support to which they are entitled.

Donna Cantor has practiced law for over 30 years and family law exclusively since 2001. From her previous work as a legal services lawyer, she is familiar with child support laws and the schemes some parents will try to avoid paying support. Call 610-566-6164 for a phone consultation. She serves parents in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

Discovering True Income

Ms. Cantor makes full use of the mandatory child custody conference as a means to determine the incomes of a parent. While most parents are willing to pay child support, sometimes there are signs that a parent is underreporting his or her income. A parent who is hostile to “benign” questions about income gives important clues about which way the case is heading.

Frequent scenarios for avoiding support obligations include:

  • Self-employed parents not declaring all income
  • Parents returning to school or becoming intentionally unemployed or underemployed
  • Parents suddenly reporting payments to relatives for child care, even if child care had been

To show the court that a parent is underreporting income or lying about their child care arrangements, Ms. Cantor will subpoena grandparents or other care providers, as well as tax records and bank statements.

Child Support Modification and Enforcement

If the other parent got a new job or a raise, or your income has been reduced, Cantor & Meyer, P.C. can help you petition the court for a modification in child support.

If the other parent is not paying court-ordered support, Cantor & Meyer, P.C. will aggressively pursue legal remedies, including contempt of court proceedings, wage garnishment, or bank liens.

Contact an experienced child support lawyer for effective advocacy in your divorce or post-divorce case. We offer a initial consultation when you call 610-566-6164, and we can arrange evening or weekend appointments.

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