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Divorce does not have to be a drawn-out court battle

When you imagined your future, you may never have anticipated a divorce. After all, you married your spouse because you felt that he or she complemented your personality and because a lot of love existed between the two of you. However, over the years, people and circumstances change, and you and your spouse have come to realize that staying together is not in the cards for you.

Even if the situation is one on which you both agree, divorce can still have its difficulties. Though you may want to move forward separately from your spouse, you may still feel a twinge in your stomach at the idea of leaving a relationship that had so many fond memories. Fortunately, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are still on good terms, you may have a greater chance of an amicable divorce.

Handling divorce well

When it comes to handling a major life event like divorce, most people anticipate hardships. You may certainly come across multiple instances in which you feel uncertain about a decision or wonder whether you are getting the best out of the case. If you hope to handle your divorce as well as possible, you may want to consider the following tips:

  • Try to agree: An uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania is one in which the parties involved are able to come to terms with the majority of the divorce-related matters. Rather than having to go through litigation, you and your ex can settle matters outside of court.
  • Account for the kids' feelings: If you have children, you certainly want to make the process as easy on them as possible. Therefore, you will undoubtedly want to avoid putting them in the middle or causing long, drawn-out custody battles that could leave everyone emotionally exhausted.
  • Consider your options: Though some people may opt for a DIY approach to divorce, this route often leaves room for mistakes that could prove costly in the long run. Instead, you may want to consider options like collaboration or mediation that could help you end your divorce more quickly and easier with a lesser likelihood of errors.

Of course, even if you believe that you and your future ex can work together during this time, it is still important to have an advocate on your side. Working with a Pennsylvania family law attorney experienced in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods may give you the support you need.

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