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Stepparent Adoption • International Adoption • Same Sex/Second Adoption

Adopting a child is a happy occasion, but there are legal issues that must be addressed. Cantor & Meyer, P.C. works diligently to smooth the legal wrinkles and reach a successful conclusion to any adoption matter.

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Adoption by a Stepparent

If stepmothers or stepfathers do not formally adopt their partner’s child, they are not normally legally responsible for child support in the event of divorce, and the child would not have inheritance rights if the stepparent dies without a will. Ms. Cantor helps clients decide on a case-by-case basis whether a stepparent should adopt.

Termination of rights proceedings can begin if the biological parent has not had contact or provided support to a child for six months, or if the parent is deemed unfit because of drugs, child abuse, or criminal activity, and has had their rights terminated by the court. If the biological parent consents to the termination of parental rights or fails to respond, the adoption can proceed after a formal hearing. Ms. Cantor also represents clients in contested hearings to terminate the birth parent’s relationship.

Orphan and Intra-Family Adoptions

We have represented grandparents, aunts and uncles, even older siblings, in formally adopting children whose parents have died. This legal step is required for the adoptive parent to assume full-fledged authority over a child. We also represent relatives in adopting an abandoned or abused child when the birth parents’ rights are terminated.

International Re-Adoption

When adopting a child from outside the United States, the adoption actually takes place in that country. We assist parents who want to formally re-adopt the child in the U.S. in case the birth mother or foreign government later raises objections to the initial adoption.

Same Sex Adoptions (Second Parent Adoption)

Many adoption agencies or foreign countries expressly prohibit or frown upon adoption by gay or lesbian parents. This often requires one partner to adopt the child as a single parent, which leaves the other partner with no legal standing.

In other cases, a biological child is conceived with one partner’s egg or sperm, carried to term by that partner or a surrogate mother. The parent without a biological connection is at a distinct legal disadvantage. For either scenario, attorney Donna Cantor can help arrange for a second parent adoption so that both partners are legally recognized as parents.

Ms. Cantor is meticulous in drafting and reviewing adoption agreements or petitions to protect clients from future legal problems. Contact our office in Media for a phone consultation at 610-566-6164. We can arrange evening and weekend appointments as well.

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