Helping You Gain Access To Your Grandchildren After A Divorce

Although you may play a significant role in your grandchild's life, in Pennsylvania, grandparents have no inherent rights to spend time with their grandchildren. Most family courts will, however, allow regular access for grandparents who have an established relationship with the child. Working with a qualified professional can help you navigate this complex process.

At Cantor & Meyer, P.C., our legal team understands the importance of maintaining a bond between grandparents and their grandchildren during times of change. Our lead family law attorney, Donna Cantor, represents county grandparents who wish to promote stability in their grandchild's life after a divorce.

Your Knowledgeable Ally For Complex Cases

Throughout her legal career, Ms. Cantor has helped thousands of concerned clients file petitions with state courts to address many family law issues. Referencing decades of legal experience, Ms. Cantor is able to build a strong claim so that you may continue to maintain your relationship with your grandchild years into the future.

Pennsylvania courts may allow visitation when certain circumstances arise, such as:

  • After the death of the grandchild's parent
  • Within six months of the parent's separation or marriage dissolution
  • If the child lived with you for 12 months

Ms. Cantor is dedicated to using the law to protect your grandchild's best interests. With her help, she can file with the court to terminate parental rights and secure your rights if the parents are absent or deemed unfit through formal evaluations.

If desired, Donna Cantor can also represent grandparents in grandparent adoption proceedings.

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