Learn About The Benefits Of Cooperation, Mediation And Collaborative Divorce

Litigation figures highly in publicized contentious divorces and television dramas. For most estranged spouses, however, using this method to resolve disputes is an option of last resort. Litigation is expensive and time-consuming. It can also increase the level of anger and resentment on both sides.

At Cantor & Meyer, P.C., our attorneys know that when family law issues arise, parties are normally more satisfied with and far more likely to abide by their own agreements than they are with orders imposed by the court. There are many benefits associated with striving for out-of-court remedies. A settlement is quicker, less costly and less likely to lead to conflicts that land parents back in court.

Our Media firm represents Delaware County families seeking efficient and economical solutions to personal family matters. Our family law attorney, Ms. Donna Cantor, is a trained mediator and collaborative divorce lawyer. She counsels clients who use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to handle a variety of divorce issues.

Striving For Out-Of-Court Solutions

Ms. Cantor explores all options to resolve issues involving child custody, property division and alimony with her clients:

  • Mediation — Preparing clients to work out an agreement with one neutral party
  • Traditional negotiation — Focusing on common ground and what is most important to each party
  • Collaborative divorce — Meeting together in a mediation-like system where the parties and their counsel work through all their contested issues via a series of meetings and full disclosure
  • Litigation — Fiercely representing your interests if the courtroom cannot be avoided

While compromise is difficult, it is preferable to letting a judge impose the rules. Litigation can be intense and bitter. Ms. Cantor is sensitive to family dynamics and makes every effort to efficiently resolve matters in her clients' best interests.

Our Firm Is Committed To Fostering Compromise Between Parties. Contact Us To Learn How ADR Can Help Your Family.

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