Obtaining Meaningful Remedies For Complicated Family Law Matters

Pennsylvania family law attorneys address issues beyond those relating to divorce and separation. They also help families increase their brood through adoption. They draft pre- and postnuptial agreements to help individuals protect their assets.

When attorneys focus on truly advocating for their clients' needs, they provide meaningful, effective remedies that can help their clients thrive. If increasing billable hours is a lawyer's only aim, clients' interests suffer. As a result, it is wise to select an attorney who is not only qualified, but also committed to your case.

At Cantor & Meyer, P.C., our legal team takes pride in the personal relationships we develop with our family law clients in Delaware County. In our small Media firm, our partners are truly invested in the outcome of your legal matter because they personally handle all aspects of your case. At larger firms, new clients are routinely represented by new attorneys with limited professional experience.

Providing Compassionate And Skilled Counsel On These Issues

Our firm's co-founder, Ms. Donna Cantor, does not endorse this practice. She will work at your side throughout each stage of the legal process. With more than 20 years' legal experience, Ms. Cantor provides both individualized and knowledgeable counsel.

Concentrating solely on family law, Ms. Cantor represents clients in a variety of matters, including:

In addition to drafting and negotiating family law agreements, Ms. Cantor promotes clients' interests in disputes. Ms. Cantor is a skilled litigator, but she has been trained in mediation and collaborative divorce as well.

Ms. Cantor's expansive legal skill set and background will help you in making informed decisions that affect your family. Whether you choose to pursue litigation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR), you can rely on her insight to discern which options best address your unique situation.

Family Disputes Do Not Need To Be Contentious. Contact Us To Learn How We Secure Amicable Resolutions.

We invite you to talk to our dedicated staff today. Please call 484-441-6413 or fill out our brief contact form to arrange an appointment with Ms. Cantor.

Do you have family law questions? Ms. Cantor has answers. Read her informational page on commonly asked questions by clicking this link.