Efficiently Settling Your Loved One's Estate

If you are named as an estate executor, administrator, or trustee, you will take on many responsibilities attached to the role. Although a valid last will and testament may have been written before your loved one's passing, you will need to complete a range of tasks before beneficiaries can receive their inheritance.

A detailed estate plan streamlines this process. However, your ability to navigate Pennsylvania's probate procedures also affects the time it takes to close an estate. Making a mistake can prolong probate and may require extensive court involvement.

Since 2007, Cantor & Meyer, P.C., has guided our Delaware County clients through probate. Our principal estate attorney, Neil H. Meyer, has administered estates for more than a decade. He provides knowledgeable, sensitive handling of guardianship issues on behalf of family members. With his help, you can resolve estate matters in a timely fashion.

Advising You Throughout The Estate Administration Process

Mr. Meyer can help protect the fiduciary from claims of impropriety and speed up the probate process by:

  • Filing the paperwork to open the estate
  • Probating a will through the Register of Wills
  • Marshaling and managing assets
  • Paying debts to creditors
  • Liquidating or retitling assets
  • Distributing proceeds to beneficiaries of a will or trust
  • Filing Pennsylvania inheritance tax and federal income tax returns

A skilled trial attorney, Mr. Meyer also litigates on behalf of beneficiaries and fiduciaries in disputes related to allegations of incompetence, fraud, or theft.

Attending To Guardianship Concerns

In addition, Mr. Meyer represents family members in petitioning the orphans' court (probate court) for appointment of a guardian to make medical and financial decisions for an incapacitated parent. Mr. Meyer can help arrange psychiatric exams to substantiate whether someone is competent. He also can serve as co-guardian if there are no local relatives able to serve and advise the family on developments.

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We invite you to read our FAQ page on estates and trusts for more information.